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Snom 821

Snom 821 IP Phone Ref: Snom 821

Snom 821 IP Phone
Snom 821 IP Phone
Snom 821 IP Phone
Snom 821 IP Phone

Snom 821 IP Phone

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Snom 821 IP Phone

The Snom 821 is an integral part of the range of 8xx Series Executive Business VoIP SIP Phones.

Designed in cooperation with renowned German industrial designers, the first model in the new range by Snom sets a new precedent for first class executive business phones.

The Snom 821 replaces the Snom 820 as the entry model of a new generation of snom VoIP business phones. With this new 8xx series, currently consisting of the snom 821 and the snom 870, two main requirements of modern telephony are realized without compromises in one device: mature VoIP technology and a design in a class of its own.

8 Reasons to Choose the Snom 821

1. Large high-resolution TFT colour display makes the phone stylish in appearance. Combining both modern telephony and design into one phone. The visual representation of features is clearer such as call lists, phone book, caller information and XML mini browser.

2. Wireless LAN option, with USB enables you to connect the phone to a wireless network for installing the phone in any surrounding you are in.

3. Wide band audio is provided with the Snom KlarVOICE handset fitted as standard. The handset works with the codec G.722 and more than doubles the spectrum of voice frequencies in comparison to standard phones. In addition to the Class D speakerphone amplifier, great sound quality exists - hand held or hands free.

4. Power over Ethernet (PoE) or a power supply unit can be used to power the phone, providing versatility and suitability in all office environments.

5. VPN, TLS and SRTP incorporated into the firmware ensures security is inplace - inhibiting hacking and providing data protection.

6. The adjustable footstand confirms a key feature of the Snom range as providing easy user operability. The Snom 821 can be set up with the footstand in the high or the low position. This develops upon additional high stands for the existing Snom range.

7. 5 way call conferencing, 12 different SIP identities, and polyphonic ring tones provide features of an executive business phone.

8. Ask for Snom OCS Edition Firmware to be loaded onto your Snom 821 to combine the advantages of IP telephony with Microsofts Office Communication Server 2007.


- High-resolution TFT colour display (3.5 inches, 320x240 pixels)
- Choice of power supply, Power over Ethernet or WiFi connection via USB
- 5 way conferencing
- 12 different SIP identities
- Outstanding Audio Quality
- Wideband audio technology
- Class D speakerphone
- 37 Keys, 9 LEDs
- 4 freely programmable and 16 customisable function keys
- Phone Book- 100 Entries
- Address book Import/Export
- Keyboard Lock

In the box

- Base unit
- Footstand
- Handset and handset cable
- Ethernet cable
- Quick start guide

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